Empowered by Empathy : 25 Ways to Fly in Spirit
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Empowered by Empathy : 25 Ways to Fly in Spirit

Rose Rosetree

Stop picking up other people's pain. Learn to use the gift(s) you already have and find out what will really protect you best. To become a skilled empath will change your life. No other method for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs), empaths, or intuitives can wake you up from inside and protect you like this pioneering method of Empath Empowerment(TM). This book shows you all you need to know to turn your gift(s) OFF most of the time. There are also amazing techniques to turn your gift(s) ON, for a direct empath-merge, in person or with someone in a photograph. Learn more about this book and Rose Rosetree's pioneering work at the Rose Rosetree dotcom.

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