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  • dazy
  • Fun Adventurer
  • Fun Adventurer Just looking to expand friends Enjoys swimming in rivers, hiking ,hot springs, music, art, dancing, interesting conversation. Looking for a person who can communicate and has done some self exploration. Seems that friendship is the staring place and see what happens.
  • 59 years old | Portland, OR, USA

  • sacredstones
  • Hello :)
  • How do I describe what I do not truly know ? Every moment that I learn something new or have an experience, I evolve into a shiny new being. I won't be the same being by the time you read this. I am just seeking friends. I enjoy cooking, crafting, teaching, singing, dancing, writing songs, folklore, and poetry. I thrive best in wide open spaces, filled with trees and stones, not shops, cars...
  • 43 years old | Gallipolis, OH, USA

  • rolmar
  • 57 years old | All of NY, USA

  • fawn13
  • 60 years old | Rural Area, AZ, USA

  • puddin724
  • 53 years old | Greenburr, PA, USA

  • ravenswing
  • diamond in the not so rough I am very spiritually centered and into truth, but zen about life and enjoying life and the world in fun and productive ways. I am caring and giving, creative in this area and other areas, love laughing and finding the humor in life. Want to continue to grow as a person, which includes all sorts of fun exploration (not mainly the "oh no, not another learning experienc...
  • 68 years old | Abbott, CA, USA

  • luludragonfly
  • Looking for Mr. Conscious I am looking to experience the next greatest relationship in my life. Living consciously and loving unconditionally is my path and I am looking for someone to enjoy life with and enjoy equal respect and support for growth with.
  • 58 years old | Youngstown, OH, USA

  • kxxga
  • 59 years old | Aaron, GA, USA

  • peaceandlove123
  • Com passion Looking for likeminded spiritual types of people to connect with.
  • 64 years old | Albany, NY, USA

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