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Being a Christian doesn't mean being perfect!!!

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Posted:     Post subject: Being a Christian doesn't mean being perfect!!!

Why when a person says they are a Christian do other people start to think you said you're perfect? No where in the definition of the word Christian does it say this. I have many flaws and many faults. Some I know and some I don't. No one is perfect or we wouldn't need forgiveness nor would there be wars.

I find it heart breaking how very many times I have to explain to people I'm not perfect. Yes I'm a Christian and try to be good and do good. But I'm not able to be 100%. No matter how hard I try I would and could never be 100%. Should I too be nailed to the cross for mistakes? Treated poorly because, wow in my past I did something I forgot about? I have noticed temperaments online tend to be a lot shorter than in real life. No one would so rudely to my face go off about anything. But online where sitting behind a screen hiding from the world, it's easy to say what one wouldn't have the guts to any place else.

Being a Christian at least by today's terms means, following the teachings of Christ. Doesn't say "Perfect" or "Trying to be perfect." or "God like". So yes, I will do things wrong. Yes I sin, and continue to sin. This is why I pray and ask God not only for forgiveness, but strength and guidance to not keep on sinning.
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I think christianity is all about love, loving God and loving your neighbour and accepting love in return from each.

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April 4, 2006
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lark2 wrote:
I think christianity is all about love, loving God and loving your neighbour and accepting love in return from each.

Or it should be. Christ was all about love. Unfortunately, too many of those who have follwed him over the past two millenia have warped his teachings, in my view. But, again, that has happened with almost every religion over the years, so it is NOT just a problem with Christianity, but religion in general. That is why my relgious beliefs are a mix of everything, keeping what I find of value ina particular teaching and throwing out what I don't find valuable.

a.k.a. Fringey, The Fringe Element
"A life lived without passion is a life not lived."
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