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Hi, just posting about me

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January 14, 2014
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PostPosted:     Post subject: Hi, just posting about me
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I'm Jon. I'm not really sure what to put here, so I'll just type a little bit about me. As a young child (back in the early 1980's) I had alot of Holy Spirit interactions. These interactions started while I would be sleeping, and get awoken by 2 women talking. 2 faces/heads of women would be floating over top of me and my bed, and I finally conversed with them. One was a Holy Spirit (the woman's face/head with pointy triangle shaped teeth) and the other was an Angel. I kept carrying on conversations with them, and wound up getting possessed by the Spirit at times. I did what they told me to do, and wound up having an FBI agent take me to a rock quarry one night. I rolled off the edge of the rock quarry and cracked my skull when I hit the bottom. The Spirit had to have my skull cracked for Holy Spirit works to take place, and this is how She accomplished this. During the Spirit works the Spirit possessed me and drew lots of pictures using a pencil. One drawing wound uo being a man from the mideast, who had shot and killed a young boy while the boy sat by his mother. He killed the boy so people would be in fear of him. I gave that Spirit my life to hand the man in, because as a little kid that was BAD of the man, and he had to die for doing that as the Spirit stated. So an inhuman power hanged and strangulated me. The next thing that took place was a CIA agent and a future SEAL team six commander/state senator (Ryan Zinke) being dropped off at the house. The future team six commander was handed the drawing of the man with "Holy Spirit" written where an artist might put his or her name. Of course he gave me a hug. Eventually he took high blood pressure as an impairment to speak with that Spirit about the man in the drawing, Osama. I don't know details of the information given by the Spirit, though it would be nice. I got taken to Pakistan by a man the Spirit selected, and drew a picture or pictures in a residence in Pakistan. I also was possessed and walked around on the streets there speaking to a man who also took high blood pressure to talk to the Spirit about "Osama". That Pakistani man flew back to the USA to see my mother, and I remember the phrase being said to the nature of " SEALs will kill him, they'll use their nightvision". The commander of the Special Forces also had the Spirit give him a dictator to arrest. The dictator was guilty of genocide, so the Spirit contacted the SF commander to tell him to arrest the man, which was Saddam Hussein. The Spirit took my life for that one too, which was another hanging and strangulation. An ATF agent got a moonshiner with bad shine to go arrest. I got hanged and strangulated like I was a grown man for that one. Plenty more happened that's not mentioned here. Before all of this, the Spirit had a certain British Special Air Service soldier named Brian come to my parents house. That started out with an Angel telling me to call him a retard, so I listened to the angel. He took me around while I had an angel, and took me to other countries where some crazy things took place. Of course the Powers That Be selected the one who was going to die in combat for this, which is sort of weird remembering joking with him about him dying in the future, and he and everyone else around knew it. Of course it wound up with me wanting to go with him wherever he went, even into battle, as I had seen that the angel could offer protection from ANYTHING. So after all of this, the Spirit made me forget EVERYTHING until a "later date" (about 30 years later). Plenty of abuse took places after the Holy Spirit told me I wouldn't see Her again. It was like plenty of idiots wanted to come around. I wound up with a life threatening head injury in which an EMS crew had to remain on site to jumpstart my heart when cardiac arrest set in. I had Angel trances happen when this occurred. That removed any physical pain from the cardiac arrest. I had to relearn how to speak, walk, move, etc. after the head injury. I even suffered abuse from an adult while learning how to walk with a walker. A grown man thought it amusing to grab me and shake me violently causing me to seize, and cardiac arrest was next after the locking of the jaw. Anyhow, after the abuse and head injury, I wound up taking heavy medication that made me forget what had happened every day. So further down the road I wound up a drug addict, which doesn't surprise me. Something VERY irregular happened during my childhood, and average people do not know how to handle irregular things. I finally beat a heroin addiction, and have been treated more than unfairly by a few employers, one of which terminating me on the day of a medical appointment. I learned life is unfair along with employers and people, society is like a pack of wild animals running loose. I have a former Baptist preacher for a father so I'm sure all this couldn't turn out any other way.

Jon Willard

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