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Soaring Bird - My Life Complete

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Posted:     Post subject: Soaring Bird - My Life Complete

Hi Fringey,
Hope you are still out there enjoying life. Think you'll appreciate this straight from my jou
als ;

I Soaring Bird,
In present time it has been a six month jou
ey with a few visitations to the past to find who I was, Soaring Bird this was my name,this was my story :
(What you are about to read has come straight from my jou
als with no adaptation whatsoever, it is rewritten exactly as it was wrote at the time)

“….. another was on an Indian campsite.I was standing talking and laughing with an older Indian on one side of a tepee and I knew by feeling Mookita was at the other side, out of sight and with our baby son. The site was a small clearing within a pine forrest. Mookita shared this vision with me and we followed it through. The next image saw fire, smoke,death,panic and pandemonium. Mookita saw herself on the ground covering the baby to protect it and also saw her death here with me holding her in my arms then lifting the baby.â€Â

( This was after we had both put our visions together and the above was the final
Picture of events. As Mookita saw herself with the baby. I saw the images of the fighting, and only saw her after she was dead.
Of the feelings; an amazing sense of contentment,happiness and love within the time before Mookitas death. At the discovery of her death, extreme anger,pain ,hurt then sadness.)

“ I listened to the cd and it took me back to our Native Red Indian American Homeland. I saw ourselves and others in the settlement going about everyday business. There was such a warm feeling of happiness and contentment.
I also saw mookita and |I inside a Tepee making love. It was not raw S-- or mad passion it was very very soft,tender and loving.
This was such a happy place to be I felt sad knowing that this existence waqs gone. My name in that period of existence was Soaring Bird. “

( I had obviously travelled back to a time before the previous flight. Was this the conception of our child? Guess I’ll never know )

“…….I saw quite a few images from the Indian Reservation. The baby had grown to be a boy of 12 now.â€Â

(This is why it is good to keep a jou
al I thought the last time I saw the boy he was 6 but from my jou
al he was 12 unless I have missed a page somewhere along the way)

(Then this happened last night. I wanted to share it with you all but found it a bit upsetting, not disturbing though, upsetting as it now feels as if the door has been shut on this existence and I might never get back to those early days feelings before the troubles within that lifetime, thus it had to wait until tonight)

Whilst intending to meditate on Mother Earth and creativity I began to get images interrupting me. Images of blood soaked ground. Silhouettes of hand to hand fighting and a river with some blood flowing in it.Then it clarified and settled. I was in a room of a log cabin?. I Soaring Bird was lying on a bed,my eyes closed hands at my side. I had on a soft leather looking top. Light in colour.My hair was very long and gray. My face wrinkled and craggy. I looked very old.
A woman with fair hair, brown eyes, sharp hawk like features enters the room. She looks at me and calls out from the doorway through to the other room.
A man appears, strong looking, broad, he has dark hair and a craggy face. He is about 45. He sits on the bed and looks at me with sadness in his eyes. This was my ending. Soaring Bird was dead.
This left me feeling sad when I returned. I felt as though a part of me was gone forever. As if a good friend had died. I can never go back there now. All gone.
It took approximately 6 months and a few astral flights to see this lifetime from long ago. Oh to get to that reservation in the woods again where I had a wife and child.We were so in love. All in life was good. If only “.

May your lives be good and full of learning,
Soaring Bird

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April 4, 2006
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Thanks for sharing this Soaring Bird. Many of us have had only small glimpses into their past lives. You have been lucky to be granted a much broader view.

a.k.a. Fringey, The Fringe Element
"A life lived without passion is a life not lived."
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March 29, 2008
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.People are allowed to live their lives any way..........with or without passion.
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June 24, 2008
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.wonderful! Sounds like shamanic jou
eying. have been doing that for many years -- aren't those alternate realities grand?
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February 27, 2007
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`Well it depends on how you reach them, if this can be sought by pure meditation alone then its really good but if its drug induced then how do you know if its a real experience or just the affects of the substance you have taken.

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`golden eagle sitting bear of good against evil fire says via my channel.....to find your answers in flight meditate sit n call with these words the ancient ones ...say this...ancient guides against all evil and all bad there is in both our world and the after life of souls n spirits please send me a meditation to understand from your guidance only..please say it with that wording love bren bird of song sitting bears channel.....he is shoiwing you how to protect from all evil results is the way we ask in all...ie guides can be both good n evil n angels n gods n spirits n meditations...so begin with saying guides n meditation n astral n past lives.those only.against all evil n that destroy all evil you allow thruogh you then my darling nothing will stop you soar golden eagle with goods love even evil has what they call thier version of love love brenxxx

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