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Posted:     Post subject: Superstition

How superstitious are you?

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April 4, 2006
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Tough question. I think everyone is superstitious to a degree, but I don't know how I could quantitatively say "how much". I would have to say, prbably my best answer would be "only a little". I knock wood, make wishes on the first star at night, and avoid walking under ladders. But, I own a black cat, and the only reason I get upset when I break a mirror is because I have to spend money on a new mirror.

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"A life lived without passion is a life not lived."
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`It's bad luck to be superstitious...

Actually, superstition is all about acknowledging forces you cannot explain to take action in the world. Before we understood gravity, it's bad luck to jump off a cliff because you will fall. I know it sounds absurd. But I do believe in forces I still cannot explain or have control of. Maybe I don't five them physical links like under a ladder or a horseshoe, but they are out there (or in here).
Once science get's to the point it can explain them, they will cease to be superstition. The, they will be tools we can use in our every day life. Like now we use gravity to make beautiful fountains or we take it in consideration when building a skyscraper.

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i have the "superstition" that you give power to what you believe in. so if you believe you will have bad luck from breaking a mirror lets say, you bring a vibe in yourself of "bad luck" or "negative" vibe, and im supersticious to the point that i would say you attract vibes that you create. i feel like the universe responds to your emotions. so believing this gives you bad luck, may perhaps give you bad luck just because we have thought of it that way. dont know if that helps or if i explained myself correctly

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