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Sharing And Caring

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Posted:     Post subject: Sharing And Caring

I wrote this poem early this year. I hope you enjoy it. I believe it is meant for sharing ;


A gleaming white unicorn flying high across the sky,
From the evil Lairds castle,three arrows shot by,
Two arrows sped by, the third hit the unicorn in the thigh,
Tumbling,twirling the unicorn fell with a cry,

Lying on his side on top of a crumpled wing,
Protruding from his thigh was the bad Lairds arrow,
A good witch appeared by his side round the wound she drew a ring,
Why did they do this asked the unicorn, the Good Witch replied for-
they are mere mortal men with minds straight and narrow,

Now hush my broken one, feel natures healing, feel the heat of the sun,
Mother Nature performed her magick, soon after the unicorn was
unimpaired, cured as one,
But still he lay on the ground, I cannot rise my spirit is gone, help me
find it, help it return,
My poor gentle unicorn, you can all but look inside yourself, find the
truth and all else will burn,

The unicorn searched for the answers but could not find them,
Search for the questions first said the Good Witch then you will fly
Like a clear crystal night, the questions appeared like the stars,
Soon answers began to appear from another universe distant and afar,

The Good Witch held his face so gently in her hands,
A tear appeared in the unicorn’s eye, then another until he cried,
The good witch gently kissed the unicorns lips and whispered, Fly
Unicorn Fly
I have found my spirit Good Witch thanks to you, He gently kissed
her back, spread his wings and once more took the sky.

Time passed and years later;

Within the circle, within the woods,
The Elves and Pixies danced,
The unicorn saw them as he flew by,
When he happened to look down by chance,

Meanwhile in the woods in the dark and dismal end,
A wicked Wizard named Oberon decided outward he would send,
His evil dragon called Devor, to destroy this happiness in the woods,
The Wizard named Oberon only wanted in his forrest, nasty evil roots,

“Go Devor, Seek them out,
Make them run and scream and shout,
Burn their houses. Raize them to the ground,
Let me see them in panic running round and roundâ€Â

Devor huffed a puff of smoke,
So much so, Oberon choked,
Devors wings spread out wide,
The sun shone fully on his leathery hide,

Red in colour, he looked up to the skies,
There was an evil glint in those yellowy eyes,
His claws were sharp his teeth were grim,
If ever there was a monster it was him

He beat his wings and downward soared,
Above the trees he let out a roar,
A plume of flames hit the trees,
Down on the ground Oberon cackled in glee,

No light did shine within his soul,
There was just a black empty hole,
Where once a spiritual tree had stood and spread his light,
Now only evil doings and wickedness was his sole delight,

Out on the North of the forest,
And out of the sun,
Came a knight on a white charger,
Within who’s spirit he was at one,

The knight had traveled for many years,
He had fought demons and dragons in many a place,
He had lost a few close friends and even shed some tears,
This was a knight who had few fears,

His name was Farone, it was time for a rest,
His horse was called Demisk, he was the best,
He made his encampment and pitched his fire,
The smoke rose upward higher and higher,

Above the trees and towards the East,
The Unicorn saw the smoke but was at ease,
A small campfire he could tell that this was,
So he traveled ever onwards on his course,

Wicked Wizard Oberon looked at the Pool of Seeing Water,
He could see Pixie Bediffla dancing with her daughter,
Soon these pixies and elf’s shall be gone,
Then this forrest I shall rename, Forrest of Oberon,

From the South the Good Witch arrived,
As she entered the forrest,the birds swooped and dived,
Her spirit was pure, her spirit was true,
She had just traveled back from a village called Carew,

She had heard the plight of Village Carew,
The people had lost their spirits there, lost them to the night, its true,
She worked very hard there, but returned their belief,
As she entered the Forrest, she could see her reflected joy in the dew of the first leaf,

The pixies and elf’s, heard the flap and the roar,
Eyes raised upwards, mouths opened in fear, they saw dragon Devor dive downwards
then soar,
Two pixies shedweds, the names of their homes,
Had been burnt to the ground, two burned out domes,

Three brave elf’s who had tried to fight,
Lay burned out or scarred, their eyes saw no sight,
The pixies and elfs as the dragon returned, all ran and screamed,
This was the worst nightmare they could ever have dreamed,

In the North Demisk began to whinney,
Her hooves thumped the ground as her tail flicked and shimmied,
Faron the knight he felt it as well,
I feel a tragedy from within my heart,Come Demisk this encampment we must part,

He climbed on his charger,as quick as he could,
At full speed they thundered, they raced through the woods,

In the South the Good Witch felt the pain of the pixies and elfs as they were slain,
She set off at once, speed was of the essence, of their pain she would try to lessen,

The dragon took a breath with all his might,
One last swoop of his destructive flight,
One last plume of fire should burn them all away
His masters work would be done, all evil on the day,

The Good Witch entered the clearing,
Pixies and Elf’s on the ground, all dead she was fearing,
Across the clearing a knight charged through on his big white horse,
To the centre of the clearing, awaiting the dragon, this was his true course,

Pixie Bediffla and her daughter expected to die there and then,
Standing in fear, the dragon was there plummeting down towards them,
When with a thunder of hooves, a cloud of dust, a knight on a horse appeared,
He lifted them up onto his horse, and covered them with his shield, prepared

The Good Witch was performing Reiki Boyolsta,
Healing the Elf’s and Pixies, helping them mend,
Hearing the roar, she looked over and saw the dragons flame,
The flame poured down on the upraised shield,that protected with a power all who
stood within,
A spiritual glow, from the shield, had postponed the dragons deadly sin,

The Good Witch cast her hand in the air,
A crackle of static, a blue fork of energy flew forth and hit the dragon over there,
His flame was extinguished, could blow no more,
Devor let out a frustrating roar,

At his pool of Seeing Water Oberon raged,
At the Good Witch and knight that Devor had engaged,
“Devor your tail shall be like a lance, give this knight no second chanceâ€Â
The knight drew his sword, charged at the dragon, there then became a mighty exchange,

Sword flashing, slashing, tearing of skin with talon like claws,
Dust rising as fighting bodies entwined, the denting of armour from daggered teeth
Lodged in those jaws,
Then as if one, the final blows were drawn,
They both had been fighting from dusk till dawn,

The dragons cold heart had been punctured from that last fatal thrust,
In his last dying seconds he swung his lance like tail to pierce the knight was a must,
Into his back beneath the shoulder blade, the lance like tail did strike,
The knight and the dragon lay on the ground, fatally wounded both different
But alike,

The Good Witch staggered over, weak from her Reika Boyolsta,
She looked down on the knight, a dreadful sight, with all the energy she could muster,
The knight was dying, she could see it in his eyes, his inner light was fading away,
“Please don’t go, fair knight, please please stayâ€Â

The Pixies and the Elf’s who had survived or been healed, walked over to see,
The Good Witch gently laid her hand on the knights face, as she leaned forward on
one knee,
A tear appeared from her beautiful eyes and formed a drop that down her face it did
The knights gaping wound, received the tear as it fell down deep inside,

The wound began to bubble, steam began to rise,
This was the ultimate healing power, the elf’s and pixies were surprised,
For when a Good Witch uses her healing power to this extent of a spell,
Her lifeforce doth leave her, leaving her carcass as well,

The knights eyes flickered open just in time to see, this beautiful Good Witch collapse
Onto the ground, over and off one knee,
The Pixies and Elfs had told him what the Good Witch had done, the knight scooped
Her up into his arms and cried out to the rising sun,
“No, This cant be, This cant be, Not for her, so beautiful, this death should be for meâ€Â
Then out of the forrest came trotting a unicorn from behind a big Oak tree,

“I saw what happened in the past here and in the present and this I will see again,
It had to happen for you to appreciate what and who you can be,and when,
Place the Good Witch before me, lay her on the groundâ€Â
With that done the Unicorn began to lower his head down,

Meanwhile in the dark end of the woods the Wizard prepared to flee,
“There are too many good spirits and forces for the likes of meâ€Â
With his gathered belongings, to flee he knew was a must,
He chanted some mystical words, in a puff he was gone, leaving a small pile of dust,

The Good Witch lay lifeless, her strength and energy gone,
But for a second she could open her eyes, she saw the unicorns horn,
From the unicorns horn into her head transformed the spirit of life, revitalized her
With a gasp of air, sharp intake to the lungs,
The Good Witch sat up while the Pixies and Elfs began to sing their songs,

The Unicorn his job now done, set off towards the sun,
He’d be back again, if and when, he felt he was required, he was their guiding light,

The knight looked at The Good Witches face,
He had seen her before but how and when. What place,
Her complete and utter beauty as he looked into her eyes, then it hit him by surprise,
“I saw you before. I knew I knew. I knew. Mookita it is youâ€Â

He held her face tenderly in his hands, and kissed her lovingly on the lips,
Onto Demisk he lifted her, gently by the hips,
Together forever and ever for eternity,
Maybe one day they would return here and stay in, The Forrest of Spirituality

May all who read this find their soulmates if they havent already,
Soaring Bird

Soaring Bird
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former member default image - bird flying away

Posted:     Post subject:

.I loved this poem a lot. Thank you for sharing it with us. For me, sharing is great joy and heals me just as it is told in the poem.
I would love to exchange experiences with you ıf you lıke.
Love and Lıght

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former member default image - bird flying away

Posted:     Post subject:

.Hi anyone chatting with me I am deaf I am 36 year old I need go out date with me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long time to wait
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