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Lifes meaning

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October 1, 2009
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PostPosted:     Post subject: Lifes meaning
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If this section is about the meaning of life, then why not have a thread about what is lifes meaning to yall.

For me the meaning of life is to spread love and happiness. And to make an impact on all others we meet. Also that we are alive for a reason and to learn from our expirences, for they happen for a reason. And lastly that we are guardians for our planet

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Posted:     Post subject: Meaning of life

Could not tell you. I don't know.

I don't know the meaning of life. With all the complete entire awareness there is not a shred of truth to give an answer.

What I do know is the awareness, of truth of the way of things I never, ever, in all my born days or lived days as an "old soul" with a label, would have gave a thought to.

Never would have ever considered the possibility.

There are many, to the infinite value. There are many to the anti-value of the same. There are many to the anti-value of non-possibility. Then the value of minus, opposite, of other condition, that the value is non-value in a qualitative concept given to value that is not anything near what value is.

Does value = meaning? How you value life? What is life? Meaning? Even beyond here. Spiritual per say. What value is that? Unknown here because I don't know.

That's where I am. I don't know. Unknown. Because of that condition, it prohibits me to define a value of meaning here, and also for myself there. Meaning the future. I am here, and when I move from this moment to the future, I am there. Even when I die, here, I'll still be there, to the future.

Right now I don't know the future, because I'm here. I don't even know the past behind me. I remember, but who's to say it didn't change. If the past was changed, does this mean I'm different today, than what I remember?

I believe so. I have awareness that doesn't tell me the truth, it gives me a possibility of something I don't know, and that I don't know, is there, whether of not, I live it. Right now here, with the awareness I know, I know I'm not the form I was before, a man, from history.

This truth is truth, along with the other possibilities of truth that I did not walk. This truth of form is true. Why? It was given, to show, how, why, who, when, where, what, because of the hurt upon me from the moments there, in the past, and today, here, right now, in this moment.

This hurt, is truth, caused by "forces" labeled darkness. Those that hurt, kill, and destroy. Why did they do this? For one, they are ignorant. They don't know. Why? Disconnection. Not connected. Like demons with a label not connected to God. How do I know this? Awareness. How do I know it's true? Australia. What?! Australia?!

I have never been there, yet I know with awareness Australia exists. If I did not know about Australia, how would I ever find a meaning for it? I cannot know about something without awareness. This is not knowledge. Not that kind of truth.

Knowledge is truth known by admission of facts put by mind in the memory of life, as given by experience, which includes feelings. How is knowledge affected/effected? Lies. If someone told me a lie about Australia, and I accepted that, then that truth told is my lie. I believe it. How then is awareness different from knowledge?

Awareness is truth known by admission of facts put by your recognition of truth. Re, cog, nition. Cognition.

cog, gears turning. Re, to do again. Like reinstate.

...nition a rogue 'word', to try to explain this is beyond the pages which I will put to this documentation, I can't copy it anyway and publish, but I can title and address and put references for looking up.

Rogue Decision Procedures
Aaron Stump, Arumugam Deivanayagam, Spencer Kathol,Dylan Lingelbach, and Daniel Schobel
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
Washington University in St. Louis

Boolean satisfiability problem -

Cognition is a place where you can participate in a dialogue about great design communications. We want to hear your thoughts and inquiries on design executions, innovative communications for your clients, questions, thoughts, or any other interesting posts you want to share. We hope to inspire creativity, engage in conversation, and have some fun so that together we can improve design communications. - http://cog.nitiondesign.com/

Above shows from online.

It fit so I used this. I hear thoughts, inquiries, engage in conversation. Where, how? My mind. With who? Spirit. What Spirit? Unknown. How does this fit to Australia? Unknown. I don't know Australia? Never been there. When I was born I knew nothing about it. Later on found out, there's this giant island out there. Still don't know it. Just aware of it.

Australia is spiritual to me. Never been there. Same as a person who died and I don't know where they are and how. They're spiritual to us. That's Australia to me. An unknown.

This unknown is how I see, hear, taste, smell, feel [including skin sense], and then the mind eye with the same of that, which is different. My sensory with mind's eye is the same, yet different. It can see, hear, taste, smell, feel, etc. You might say it's spiritual sense. Which connects me to unknown.

How do I know the spiritual to be truth? Like Australia. I know for a fact it exists, is there. Could prove it to myself if I wanted to, to travel there and find out. I don't have to. I have belief of unknown, Australia. I have termed this over the time "Australia factor."

This is my "faith." A label closest to a label of it anyway. This is how I know truth, spiritually. It's the best I can do with myself to try to explain how I have such awareness now, and to know who, what, where, when, why, how, of everything I have ever known, to be facts, or lies. True or false.

I send them or what I know to Australia. If the facts and/or lies come back and tell me there's no such place. I know for a fact I have a false god, false spirit on my hands. Now, know too, that the spirit may be true, but tells me falsities. Untruths. This can be true also. However, and I don't like to mention this, cause it can cause confusion, know too, that the spirit telling you lies, can also be a form of untruth. A false existence.

That form of untruth, can also, tell truths. Facts. Whoa boy. See what I mean of confusion. This is what my jou
ey has shown me.

Now how in the hell can an untruth of form exist? What the heck you talkin' about here Willis? Because it's not real. And it's not unreal to truth in form. Like a demon, posing, in light, as light. Disguise. Then, that demon, formed, might just be something else, posing as a demon. In the light, as light. Get it? What's talking to me, in my mind, or even the rare case of physical form, just might be a demon, but I know too, it might be another form of something I don't know, which is unknown.

And it's telling me things. That may or may not be truth. So how do I tell the truth to myself? Send them to Australia. In spirit. Like a washing machine sort of in my mind. The spirit that is true, will come out clean. Fess up. It has to. Have you ever heard of a washing machine using dirty water?

Yes it might be polluted some, washing water, we get it clean as we can, so we don't die drinking dirty water. Certainly the same for cleaning clothing. We even add caustic chlorine to get it cleaner. This is Australia factor.

Infinite One, God, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Allah, Jesus, an alien who is really on your side, maybe the Pleiadians, your mother, father, including the spiritual of them passed on, relatives the same, Mani-Hiya, whatever. Whatever label with a word, of spirit or physical, gone to Australia and back to me that I know, of unknown, here, and there.

Washed clean, in form. To know truth, in awareness. Along with the knowledge, I found out. I found them out and the knowledge with awareness out. From without. Because I know certainly here with my form, I'm not Jesus. I'm part of Him, like God, Infinite One to me, but I'm not God as God. I am that form, unknown, as God, like God. Washed clean, already, all ready, All, ready, clean. Already clean. Never was dirty.

Who is ready willing and able, to get me clean. And tell me clean truths. No lies. Whatever form. Who, What, Where, When, Why, How. Will be clean, and I'll know, no truth. I'll know, no truth. Get it? I'll know, when some form, is telling me a 'no truth.' No truth = lie.

With the higher power, Australia, "giant island of 'form'", a huge washing machine, which spits out truth, and discards the dirty water, what's left? Clean, real, and unreal, truth.

Now someone is going to say, what if? What if some demon, Satan for example, sneaks, and puts something in the wash. Well, good grief! Reality! Common sense! If you hear a noise, and/or look in the washer as its running before rinse and spin, and see garbage in the water, you know something's up! You'll proceed to fix it. Make it right. So you'll get clean clothes.

Even if you have to start over. Maybe one of the kids threw a lizard in there. I had this physically happen to me years ago, to this day I do not know how the poor thing got in the machine, but something told me to go and open the lid, and there was thing huge, maybe a foot long, purple lizard sloshing around in the water trying to keep from drowning.

I thought Wow! I shut off the machine, the poor creature had some skin turned white from the chlorine, and I gently took it out holding in one hand. I ran some luke warm water in the sink, and put the lizard in there. The lizard must have trusted me for it not once, not once did it try to fight, bite, or run away. It just stayed still. I gently ran the water over it, carefully, easy, so I would not startle or make it feel pain.

Immediately I saw it got better, it took it's tongue and wash, wiping and washing it's face and it's front feet and claws, with it's long forked tongue. This was a big thing. A large long purple lizard with a yellow stripe the length of it's body. About a foot long, and body as wide as my thumb plus half a thumb. Quite the thing. I felt sorry that it got in the machine. How I don't know. We had no kids. I know my second ex-wife would have never done such a thing.

Afterwards I put it in my hand, holding it round with my hand so it would not drop to the floor and get hurt, I carried it outside, to where some foliage was, on a porch and put it in the sunlight. Knowing they're cold blooded with knowledge anyway, to get warm.

The darn thing survived. That lizard lived there, and was a "pet." For the next about I'd say, thinking right now as I type this, 2003 to 2007, four years. And it "moved". When we moved 2 residences away. The darn thing "followed" us. I saw the lizard at the residence there where we moved. It was there and I could identify it, the chlorine had whitened some of the very outer skin of some parts of it's body.

I left it alone, I never would go to it, and pick it up, I left it to be wild. But my rescue of this small creature, worked. I'm sure it lived as long as it was to be. Somehow, someway, this lizard, established a certain "feeling" for me. Maybe it "followed" me. I don't know. I just know I saved it's life. And was glad it survived with no effects to alter it's normal life. The small discolorations it had, did not make it stand out, nor make it so it was a sore thumb look, and not affected it living and doing.

Guess what? Purple is a color of divinity. Yellow is my favorite color. I was not thinking about this when I saved the lizard. My awareness of this came later. Not the yellow, I've always used yellow as my favorite color, didn't know about purple.

The lizard would not run away when approached. The wash water apparently did not effect it's vision. It survived whole and good. Cause I saved it. It would have died. I remember this, and to this day I see some connection, of truth. Unknown.

Did God come to me and pose as this form as a test? Or another form? I don't know. I happened to remember this typing this "letter" today, right here, right then, as an example for you to read. I had forgotten about this, till just those moments ago. The washed lizard. Who lived to tell the tale to itself if it could, and me too. Which is not an untruth.

I am so glad this little small not considered worth anything, thing, lived and was okay. I helped it. I did not love it, but I loved it, in that it lived and I helped it out of trouble, made it better, fixed it best I could, and left it to be. I did my "job" per say. What is right. For something that is not thought of as worthy. And thinking back now, the dumb *ss I was, to myself I would say I was not worthy.

I know now, as I live in breathe in this form, I was that lizard. Today, I survived the hellish storm of the plight I was in. In the washing machine.

I also know too, I was ignorant, like that lizard. The lizard didn't know me from Adam, was probably thinking it was going to die, in a situation never to encounter in it's life, with fright it had, and having to trust me to save it getting it out of the washer. How, did it know? I could tell gently handling it, running the water over it, it trusted me. As if it knew it was okay, would be careful with it, and would put it to safety back on its own, that I would treat it proper best I knew how.

Amazing. Amazing here and now, and then. It must have felt okay like an angel appears to someone from God, and you feel the presence of it, as God, you know you're safe and feel no fear, and are helped by the form before you. This was the lizards actions, to trust. Today in a sense of it, I'm the lizard. Who was God. Who stayed with me. Shown me. Even though the physical of the lizard I have not known since, I'm still here in this form, of that lizard, as a form not of that lizard, in spirit form I know it, and then the physical form of myself.

The lizard never left me, I have memory, forgotten sometimes, to be reminded, I'm still here. I will never leave you. You shown me. You were good to me. I shown you I am good. Here you are today, and me too, the lizard to you. Don't forget that form with you, who is not you, but is of a type like what you "cleaned" with the form of yourself, not yourself today, who cohabits with you, to help you now. I am here too.

Maybe we were washed in the blood of the lamb, I don't know. Unknown, God.

This was reality, common sense. Connection to something I don't know, like the lizard. This is something I'll probably never forget, how often do you get to "wash and clean," a lizard? It was a one in a lifetime experience. And nothing that I would remember as a special event. I did that cause I didn't want the thing in pain and misery, and wanted to put it back to the best it would be before it found itself in a dire situation.

Nothing special to me. Just plain common sense to do the right thing. Like I would do to pull someone from a burning car wreck to save their life. And then walk on knowing, yahoo! They lived and got better. It's special and not special. I just did the right thing. I'm not special. God says I am.

Infinite One cares. I care. The lizard cared. No body wants to die, but everyone wants to go to Heaven.

I gave the lizard it's life back. I cared. I don't consider it at all I gave it Heaven, but I'm sure it felt that after being rinsed and cleaned, and put back to pasture.

Connections, it connected to me afterward in its own way. Staying in the background nearby to say thank you I care about you too. I'd even let you pick me up if you wanted too, to look at me, though I never did, was just glad for it.

What connected to me? To tell? Unknown. Australia. A fact. Of life. This is not a story, a tale, this is a fact, that happened. Reality. Australia factor.

My awareness washed clean. This is how I know, to tell. The truth. Untold. My gift to life, for life, like, the lizard. To anyone, any, thing. I care about you. Uncorrupted Love.

What started out as an answer to a forum question posed, I have realized is more and will put this to more places. I keep this file, and will post it after I correct for spellings and such.

Unknown [X] and I [form I am ] did this is. Truth, washed, and what I know now, will come true.
If you don't have hope, there's none (no organized natural event.) Gold {great omnipotent loving deity} rule, yellow, sunshine, light.

Light, love is God having truth. Lite, love is truth eternal.

Loving Infinite form eternal.

A meaning of Life.

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`andriek....i agree very much to that comment brenxx

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`to jeff spiriy what we do her is us our good n our bad actions ...i teach filtering the after life carefully...for we just except that good healing is good people in that world at present evil posen as good you saving a lizard was good here...many of us learn to walk watching...the use of the after lifes gifts here can have a bad healings if we use it n dont know who or what is working through us even with the best intentions so my jou
ey is to just teach ask there for what you desire to give ie make sure you specify against evil n those that can destroy it then proceed with spiritual gifts what we do here is just us n good hearted kindness xxgood you cared for it

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`our thought creates in the after life so thought n word control forgive my typen n spelling is very important to that world our mouths n thought can hurt many so its those n writeings we must make sure we watch n even i find it challengeing we are human

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``our thought creates in the after life so thought n word control forgive my typen n spelling is very important to that world our mouths n thought can hurt many so its those n writeings we must make sure we watch n even i find it challengeing we are human

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`so if multiple believe in its end we do create it years ahead we challenged to change thought and actions of good yes we cnt change alot til huge multiple thuoghts n actions of good..we ride what past we created ..but changen it can n does change our future we have a threat ahead just dat a threat ...which we will change via guidance from that world n what we let cme through our intiution...our intiution keeps us safe so we all must attune now n learn to listen to it but making sure its given from that world from its good sources xx

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`what we do is bother to change that not just our nows in both ways our earth and spiritual gifts

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`yes respect earth its number one n two is that worlds giudance to help

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`in saying dat im aware of what has been created n choose to not believe in revelations as it is not a good thought nor from my god ...i believe in good n ride the bad made the mre that do this changes our future ride we did not give it energy by belief in anothers bad thoughts that is evil belief

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`We all view illusions differently, that is each one of us would view the same image in a different way and give our own perception of it.
The definition of metaphysics is "before, behind nature" That means it is the philosophy of reality back to the "Original Source" The conscious, creative energy that created it all or God, but it is known by many names but is the same thing.
Our life purpose is basically the same thing for everyone, its not complicated. It is to be aware of self , to awaken from the dream, the illusion, and see the reality of ourself as a spark of God, or Divine Reality, Universal Consciousness, the Original Source. We may have goals, a plan for ourself and our future but that is different and our purpose of it all here.
We "create" our own reality, we have a consciousness, free will, creative self, and we all have a spirit and eternal soul, we are conscious creative energy, a spark of the original source who's purpose is to awaken from the illusion around us, the dream. It doesn't get any more complicated than that.

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March 20, 2013
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`Life is but a happenstance of random events that have no meaning other than what we give them. Thoughts, as Krishnamurti once said, do violence to the moment, and detract from the moment, and from the flow of energy going on around us in whatever form, including my own breath. I have two ears, and one mouth, meaning I need to do twice as much listening to that of talking, for the numbers are double. I could conclude this. I also have two centres within myself; one at the head, which I consider society has done a good job of locking us into, and the other is around the feelings, which are typified as being the "heart" centre.

It is in bringing the polarities together, where the bullseye lies. It is in the centre of polarities, where the stargate lies for mystical jou
eys, and for discovering what lies below. It is in the still point within, that both is, and is not (for where exactly is it?) where the divine spark resides, yet few go inward enough to discover such a point. It takes incredible stillness, to find this eye of the needle within, and a very deep meditation, that controls the movement of mind and heart to reach such a point within. It is this point where many answers lie for us all.

To me, these mystical truths are best exemplified, by looking at all of our senses, and realising that each of them converge into the centre for awareness to be pin pointed. It is the centre of the eye that sees. The centre of the ears that hear, the centre of the tongue, that brings together the taste; the centre of the mouth that communication gels. It is the centre of my fingers where the most feeling is, and the centre of my S-- organ, where the itch can be satisfied. It is the centre of everything, where the still point exists, and the polarities end. It is the mystical clues given to us, via our own senses, that make sense when plunging deep within oneself, to find such meanings to life, in profound ways.

Otherwise, what conclusions will I draw from the happenstance of events happening randomly around me? It is up to my own god point within, to set the intention, and control my thoughts, words, feelings, and actions into the moment, so that true spirituality can be seen, over just a fantasy and an illusion. My answers lie within, and then it becomes a dance with the without, to verify my own findings, in a mirror kind of way. Life then reflects inward, and outward. Meaning then is what I give the moment, based on my own personal story of life.

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