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July 20, 2008
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PostPosted:     Post subject: Reincarnation
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Hi all I did read on the forum about reincarnation and so I thought to add this but as many may also want to read it I have posted it here it is something to give serious thought to

The Cosmic Rose and the “144

Regarding this, in 1990, the psychologist Thomas Moore began a new revival of Neoplatonic astropsychology in his book entitled The Planets Within. Briefly stated, Platonic psychology uses the archetypal imagery of that which Astronomer Gerald Hawkins refers to as the seven astro?gods (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter) in his book Mindsteps to the Cosmos. On the other hand, most students today recognise the symbols, or hieroglyphs, of these seven planetary bodies as those associated with the interlaced triangles immediately below the Great Central Rose on the Hermetic Cross.

The seven psychological states are one thing and their planetary symbols, another. And yes, we all recognise the rose as the penultimate symbol of the soul, and yet how does the cycle of 144 connect with the cosmic Rose

But wait! What is a "cycle" but a circle when we theosophically add 1 + 4 + 4 and arrive at 9, the number of completion or that which turns back on itself?

However, we still have not solved how the number 9 as the cycle or circle of 144 can reveal the seemingly more complex formulae of the soul's evolution. Ahh, therein lies the real mystery, answered by means of geometrical configuration. Concerning this, 144 is connected with the geometrical law of twelve. Although there are many divisions of the twelve, what interests us at this moment is the Zodiac with its heavenly "circle" of twelve constellations revolving, as above, around the centre of our home galaxy and, as below, around the outermost petals of the great central rose! Next to the outermost circle of twelve is another circle with seven petals, among other things represented by the seven planetary bodies in potentia. Thus the Hermetic Rose Cross leads us directly into our main topic which is: an inquiry into the ancient formulae of the soul's evolution, suggesting that there is a secret "method of determining the date of birth and the planet's positions for each of the soul's previous incarnations."

In the original manuscript there is a cryptic use of graphics in the form of triangles, squares, and circles, again revealing and yet concealing the laws of geometry behind what is given in print. However, as a "'gloss"' or addendum to the original manuscript we are provided with a Pythagorean key. For instance, the sign of the triangle, whether given as point up or point down

signifies the number 3; the sign of the square equals the number 4; and the circle , 12.

The "ancient formulae of the soul's evolution" has not been available in its original manuscript form since the 1930s, no doubt because of its cryptic manner of presentation. Keeping that in mind, I now quote from the first four paragraphs: "Whereas the soul's Periodicity In its cycle of Evolution is found to be the multiple of the Triangle ( point up) by the square, which in turn is multiplied by the mansions of circle. Each soul's evolution is through these mansions the multiple of the triangle ( point up) by the square by the circle.

Further on we read: "During the cycle of Evolution, each planet vibrating the forces of
Evolution, moves forward in its cycle, also, in accordance with a number, which number is the Planet's Evolutionary Periodicity.
And, whereas the soul may leave the triangle (point up) in the circle and continue on to the triangle (point down) the planets remain constant in their movement in the Mansions of the circle and in the triangle (point up)

How do we begin to translate this? First, using the corresponding number

Since so much had already been written about the cycle 144, it was my
original intention to avoid further mention of the periodicity in the soul's evolution, being truly stumped about how, in a few concise words, I could convey to the astrological novice the legitimacy of this ancient formulae and why it should be so very meaningful to students in particular. And then a synchronistic thing happened. Relaxing late one evening with Astronomer Gerald Hawkins' book Mindsteps to the Cosmos, I was astounded to see astronomical data on the daily and yearly cycles of the seven planetary bodies that the author referred to as "the astro?gods". And then, literally leaping off the page, further scientific confirmation behind the greater cycles or the "'Evolutionary Periodicity" mentioned in our ancient formulae!

Regarding the former, Astronomer Hawkins states: "Each planet moves according to a definite timetable called the synodic period . Hawkins' continues, "The planet acts out a shadow?play with the sun, and when the final move has been done, the story begins all over again. The synodic period is a sort of magic number for a planet. Once it is known, the movements, changes and aspects are predictable."

Hawkins also states that Babylonian clay tablets give us a clue as to how the Mesopotamian Magi, circa 2700 B.C., figured out the movement of a planet along the Zodiac. He then shares with us the remarkably stable synodic period of Venus and its lesser cycle of 8 years around the Zodiac. Regarding this cvcle, he says: "There is one remarkable thing that the ancients noticed: planet Venus traces out a 5?pointed star as it travels in the Zodiac."' Furthermore, when Venus makes the grand tour of the Zodiac, it traces out this five?pointed star eighteen times ?that is, every 144 years. Meditate on this.

Highlighting the article thus far: the cosmic cycle of 144 is a subconscious memory device based on the relatively stable periodicity of the Planet Venus that traces an invisible five pointed star each time it completes its lesser cycle of 8 years ?a cycle so dependable that its completion universally influenced cultures in ancient times. The number 8 itself was and still is universally held to be sacred, similar to the Pentagram ? the Pythagorean "'Triple Triangle" ?and the golden?section measurements of 8 and the 5 that are to be found everywhere on the encyclopaedic, Kabalistic Hermetic Rose Cross.

Now that we have established a certain legitimacy in planetary cycles, we can once again approach the ancient formulae for tracing the soul's evolution and at the same time determining where this took place.

The formulae states: "By retrograding the positions of the planets in first
[current] birth map, each a number of degrees equalling the number of the Planetary Evolutionary Period, one will be able to place the planets in theil oroner ?oositions in the Mansions of the 0 at the time of the previou

"This completed map, then, will give the horoscope of the previous incarnation, and may interpreted like unto other maps ?remembering that the predominating sign of the Mansions tells the country or place of such birth of previous incarnation. By continually retrograding each map in this wise, one can continue to retrace all previous incarnations until such time as the planets' positions indicate that the Soul was first conceived and first given thought in the Divine Mind.
Actually astrology concerns man in his present state along the lines which I have previously mentioned, and it is eminently practical. The revelation I mentioned before refers to the conclusions to be drawn from the general ideas of a 'sign' and the ascendant. It is evident that the 'sign' of birth (Aries, Taurus, etc.) represents the acquired experience?that is, it expresses the results of past incarnations. The good qualities and the faults represent the point reached at the close of the last incarnation. These are the bases on which the new incarnation will be built. It is also clear that the proposed d circumstances' will be those which will permit a real and effective development on that basis. Every astrologer will agree with this conclusion, but what is lost" is still unknown to modern astrology, which is that the ascendant, determined by the hour of birth, represents the purpose to be attained, the acquired experience to be gained, in the course of the soul personality's existence in this cycle of evolution. In other words, the sign of birth is the point of departure of a particular existence, and the ascendant is the goal proposed for that existence. The *nalysis of the potentialities of each of these two signs in a given horoscope then leads to a satisfying comprehension of what is to be expected in a particular incarnation. It is possible to define the existing qualities and those which one should acquire or strengthen, the present faults and those which one should avoid, and so on. If the sign of birth and the ascendant are identical, the horoscope reveals something of special importance. The good qualities and the faults (that which is to be perfected) are magnified, and the incarnation has a very special value for the pursuit of evolution and the 'great return'.

Thus we understand that the sign of birth in an incarnation was the ascendant at the close of the preceding incarnation, and that the present ascendant will become the birth sign in the next incarnation if this one has been lived as it should have been. What happens, then, if this existence has not fulfilled this obligation? Knowing that evolution never retrogresses, and that we start again in each existence at the point attained in the preceding one, the next life will then have exactly the same birth sign and ascendant as does this one, because all the lessons must be well?learned in order that the greatest progress may be made. In order that the ascendant may become the sign of birth in the following incarnation, at least half the life objective should be accomplished. Then the birth sign will be more or less "advanced" in degree (speaking in the decans of the sign, although this expression may be debatable), and one sees that it is possible, on examining the degree of a birth sign, to determine to what extent the former existence has been well lived.

Extracted from: "'The Manual of Astrology by Sepharial
(pp. 1~71 ? 172)


The author has completed some important researches in the matter of planetary cycles, and believes that an excerpt there from in regard to the longitudes of the planets, will be of assistance to the student. A set of ephemerides for eighty?five years, such as that published by Raphael, is all that is required in order to obtain all past or future positions of the planets.

The Sun's place in the Zodiac is approximately the same from year to year, owing to the equation of the calendaric and solar year by the leap?year addition and other adjustments. It has a very close period of thirty?three years, at the end of which it returns to the same minute of longitude on the same day of the year at noon.

Neptune has a period of nearly one hundred and sixty?five years, its yearly increment being about 2' 15' between each solar conjunction.

Uranus has a period of eighty?four years. It returns to the same longitude in the Zodiac at the end of eighty?four years, but is 40' further advanced. Thus, on 4thMay, 1564, its longitude was / 7' 40" R; same date, 1648 (eighty?four years later), / 8' 20' P.; same date, 1732, / 9' R; same date, 1816, / 9' 40' R; same date, 1900, / 100 20" K.

Saturn has a period of fifty?nine years. It comes to the same longitude in the Zodiac on the same date every fifty?nine years, but is about 10 45' further advanced.

Jupiter's period is exactly eighty?three years.

Mars and Mercury have both a period of seventy?nine years, but Mars gains 10 in that period.

Venus has a period of eight years nearly.

The Moon forms its conjunction with the Sun on the same day every nineteen years.

The Moon's longitude can be approximately ascertained by reference to its place at the New Moon preceding the epoch required.

By means of these periods the planetary places can be approximately ascertained for any day in any year from observations made during the present century.

Knock and it shall be opened to you.
Seek and ye shall find.
Let truth and light be your guide.
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`oh my gosh what a scientific mind you have it hurt my head taking it in lol but the last comment yes n i would add be it good truth not evils truth specify what i want...merry xmas brenx

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