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Spiritual Passions: Spiritual Singles Online

  • shazbah
  • 66 years old | Huntsville, AL, USA

  • janart
  • 77 years old | Chesterton, IN, USA

  • danceandpoetry
  • Spiritual But Not Religious... Looking for Same. Spiritual But Not Religious... Looking for Same. I enjoy reading all types of books on spiritually related topics. I'm hoping to reach enlightenment...
  • 65 years old | San Antonio, TX, USA

  • drjohn3
  • I am wishing to meet new individuals with, a focus on, developing long-term relationships. I prefer a female partner who, is, also, open to diversity and learning. I am searching for a mate who, is, open to, not only, the exploration of our relationship but, that she will, also, wish to and, be an active participant while, also finding pleasure in, the thorough, exploration of, both of, our bodies...
  • 69 years old | Springfield, MO, USA

  • dreamseeker4u
  • I Have Always Prayed And Believed In God
  • I don't think that it's necessary to go to church in order to go to heaven. All that is necessary in my opinion is to be spiritual, pray, and try to live your life right. Also, even though a person's personality is the most important looks do matter some. Furthermore, if you're not between the ages of 42 and 57 don't bother emailing me! I'm tired of you young guys em...
  • 45 years old | Fairmont, WV, USA

  • flashlonewulfe
  • 58 years old | Nicholls, GA, USA

  • extraniceguy4u
  • 59 years old | Bethlehem, PA, USA

  • eastasitgets
  • what makes a person spiritual and not religious
  • 79 years old | Richmond, VA, USA

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