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  • lonewolfwarrior

  • 'We are spiritual beings in a human world, not human beings in a spiritual world,' ...
  • 56 years old | Canada, Morley

  • jjemac

  • hi im jennifer im a spiritual person and looking for friendships right now ...
  • 32 years old | Canada, Red Deer

  • blueeyedkyle

  • Ok .. Well . I am a newly awakened Empath old soul .. I shine bright. Z. Understanding of astrology an all that stuff ... It's earth I can't figure out ...
  • 31 years old | Canada, Alpen Siding

  • magnetic1

  • Spirituality is my foundation. I have a variety of interests but the majority of my "spare time" is spent attending spiritual events (movies, discussion groups etc) or completing my wholistic training. I treasure the simple things in life, the stuff that money can't buy. I'm interested in a person's inner qualities, not what they do for a living, what they have, or the numbers in their bank a... ...
  • 53 years old | Canada, Edmonton

  • mistyfire
  • 48 years old | Canada, Abee

  • ghulab
  • I am more spiritual than religious
    I am more spiritual than religious ...
  • 32 years old | Canada, Edmonton

  • stevencoolca99
  • Friends&Learning
    Friends&Learning I'm 26 years old.I have a positive order as I like to call it called Tourette Syndrome.I wish to spread awareness about it.If you want to know further about me and how to contact me that is if your interested in me just search StevenMannette on google and you'll find my website.I am a people person.I enjoy being around people,intelligent conversation, helping others out,etc.I'm an... ...
  • 28 years old | Canada, Abee

  • msflowerwoman
  • very interested
    very interested wow i am soo into this ...
  • 31 years old | Canada, Edmonton

  • gerrycraft
  • All neatly wrapped in one package. ;)
    All neatly wrapped in one package. ;) Very kind, loving, sweet, and passionate. I talk about issues, not argue... We have to feel the same. Been studying meditation since a very young age and hope to find someone who can not only appreciate but share in these experiences. Would love to hear from you. :) ...
  • 25 years old | Canada, Edmonton

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