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  • nativecutie
  • 45 years old | Tucson, Arizona

  • dondon7
  • Aho
    Native American Spirituality Have studied a little over 5 yrs in the past .... ...
  • 68 years old | Phoenix, Arizona

  • 13bluedragons

  • I am a spiritual person seeking to grow every day in some way and wanting that path to be with a like minded people in my life ...
  • 54 years old | Surprise, Arizona

  • scoutphoenix

  • I consider myself a fiery symbol and I love the religion of the Phoenix/ Dragon and I try to do a lot of Zen Buddist meditation's on that. I also study Alchemy on a single basis by myself and I am now writing my own book for my own life and my own symbol's that seem to reflect myself and how I do thing's in my life. I find that pretty cool an interesting. ...
  • 34 years old | Phoenix, Arizona

  • quiethawk
  • 48 years old | Rural Area, Arizona

  • annata

  • Emotionally Intelligent Sapiophille Musician Engaging conversationalist. Supportive of one anothers growth, education, health and liberation. Musically inclined. Spiritually and politically aware focus. Open minded, intelligent with developed communication and active listening skills. Not into emotional insensitivity or time wasted in boredom, or general contrariness. No expectation OR uncontainab... ...
  • 51 years old | Tuba City, Arizona

  • goddesscomplex

  • Open-minded, creative/liberal/spiritual BBW seeking other hedonists/sensualists for the 'best of times'. The Mayan calendar ends in a few years. Want to make the best of it with me? What else have you got to do until then?? Seeking intelligent, creative, funny, sensual and relaxed man for the next leg of the journey...Let me know if you're out there! I've been a long-time energetic healer and have... ...
  • 55 years old | Mesa, Arizona

  • dgranteer

  • Peace is more important than wealth My wife is a tyrant. I did not know that until after we were married, but now I most practice the concept that happiness comes from the inside, not from the external situation. It is difficult. ...
  • 75 years old | Yuma, Arizona

  • skg1990

  • If you know god you don't need gold. If you know god you know love. If you can love then you know god. A true man or women of god does t always have it easy maybe because that's makes the love of The Lord more N more. It's our job to give it away. It's our job to understand and know god. We should live n love as his own creation. Hard to say. Just someone In touch. I don't ---- with devil w... ...
  • 25 years old | Glendale, Arizona

  • manonmountain

  • Spiritual - NOT a biggot! I cringe when I hear the judgmental statement, "We are the only true religion." 6 words that I consider to be the uttering of "The Anti-Christ"... It IS anti-Love and Love is Christ... The Truth will set us free - but that Truth will not be found in the writings edited by those who wish to hold our souls hostage for their benefit. (Governments and THEIR established reli... ...
  • 64 years old | Rural Area, Arizona

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